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Guidelines To Buy Essential Oils

How Essential Oils Emerged

It’s been a long time since the human race has known about the ways of using essential oils. In earlier days it was the only source to help people in the process of healing or curing diseases. The method was natural and effective, but as the time passed by the demand of these oils decreased. The position of these essential oils is now taken over by homeopathic and pathological medicines. These new products are easily available, easy to manufacture and far more effective. But in today’s world everyone gets a second chance and as a result, essential oils came back in action.



Variety Of Essential Oils Are Available

The contemporary world is fascinated with the use of these organic products. People now a days are attracted to these products as they are cheaper, natural ,easily available and equally effective as compared to any other pathological medicines. By now researchers have found over 3000 essential oils. Each one is unique and have specific functions. It is difficult choosing the best product for yourself out the wide range of product available.

So here are tips and guidelines to help you buy the perfect product :-


1.) Know The Function

It is important to know why do you need the product. Each product has a specific function. If you are going to use the product just for fragrance or to make your home smell better than you can be casual about it. But you have to be cautious to buy a product for skin care, medicinal use etc. For example- You can use lavender oil for relaxation process or peppermint oil for mental stability.

spoon of dry lavender and aromatic lavender oil

2.)What Grade Of Oil Do You Need

By grade of the oil, we mean its purity. It is important to use a perfect grade of oil , using an oil of unknown grade is risky. Some of the oils in their purest state are corrosive and can result in irritation, rashes, burns etc. It’s recommended to use 100 percent pure therapeutic oil for kids, your family and even for your pet. Even for spas the essential therapeutic oils should be 100 percent pure.

These oils can be divided into 4 levels of grading.
a.) Grade A- Safe for internal uses as its pure and unadulterated.
b.) Grade B- Have some chemical additions. They are referred as natural food grade oils
c.) Grade C- The oils are extended and altered with added chemical and solvent. it is known as perfume grade.
d.) Floral Water- Low-quality product, mostly synthetic or oils identical to natural oils.


3.) Quality OF Oil

There is no such company yet to look after the quality of essential oils. But it’s recommended to always buy the product from a “reputed seller”. A reputable supplier always sells good and high-quality product. If you are buying it the first time than research, compare, consult and then only go for the product.


4.) Cost

It’s always important to look at the price factor. Pure essential oil is always expensive as a huge amount of raw product is required for its manufacturing.

5.) Bottle And Storing

The container should always be a dark colored (usually brown) glass bottle. Never buy an essential oil in transparent bottles, plastic or aluminum bottles etc. It’s possible the product is impure or is of bad quality. Plus make sure they are tightly sealed and stored in a cold , dark and dry area.


6.) Suppliers and Companies

Make sure to buy the product from the renowned supplier . Before going shopping research, evaluate and consult with others. Select the best brand or seller. A company with a good reputation always sell good quality and pure product.

How Do You Groupon?

In addition to the daily doesn’t-matter-where-you-live deals, I also want to share how my family uses Groupon.  Because we use Groupon a lot.

Groupon is a fun website, because it allows us to try some “luxury” places without that feeling of buyer’s remorse that we get when we go and spend way too much on way too little.

This weekend’s Groupon purchase was no different- a definite luxury, but boy, was it good!

A few weeks ago, we bought a Groupon for a dozen cupcakes from a gourmet cupcake shop in Richmond, Virginia- a city that we visit once a month or so.  We walked into the shop and my sweet tooth started sing praises.  Clearly, I thought, this cupcake shop is far more skilled at all things cupcakes than I. My husband who doesn’t even really enjoy sweets, was at the counter with plenty of opinions on which cupcakes we should pick.

Here’s what we picked:

And they tasted as delicious as they look!

Regular price of a dozen cupcakes: $29
Groupon price: $14
Savings: $15

How have you used Groupon this week to save?

Disclosure: This post may contain an affiliate link. See my disclosure policy for more details. Dana receives referral credits from Groupon that she often uses when purchasing Groupons.

Off Topic: A Little Bit of Me


Good morning, friends! We share a lot of deals from sites like Groupon on this blog, but it’s a very rare occasion I share anything about me.  (In case you’re wondering who “me” is, you can get the in-a-nutshell version here.)

Something you may not know about me is that, in addition to being a wife, mom, and blogger, I also am co-host of a Christian blogging conference held each October in Harrisburg, PA.  (Eek!  As I write this, we have just 15 days until this year’s event kicks off!)

Blogger Brooke McGlothlin is hosting a link-up for our conference attendees, asking everyone to blog about ten things their roommates for the Relevant weekend should know, and I’ve decided to briefly interrupt your daily deals to join in the fun!

So to Jessica and Sarah Mae, my two very wonderful conference co-hosts and Relevant roomies, here are ten things you should know about me.

1. My baby (six months old now) is still waking up twice a night.  This has made me incredibly and increasingly tired over the months. Feel free to drag me out of bed each morning if you must.

2. As a result of fact #1, when I do get the chance to sleep, I sleep like a rock. Please wake me up in the event of a hotel fire or other unlikely but emergency-related incident.

3. I miss my family so much when away from them, so know I’ll probably get weepy each time I call them– even though I’m having a blast with you and Relevant.

4. I like to sleep with obnoxious “rain on a tin roof” white-noise at night. I’ll try my best to sleep without it while with you, but no promises!

5. Like both of you, I like to stay up far too late.

6. I’m an introvert, so I need to use our room as a place to recharge away from the crowds.

7. I never pack light.

8. And I always pack too many shoes.

9. And too many lipsticks, lip glosses and my favorite vitamin C Serums.

10. Not only am I counting down the days until Relevant, I am also counting down the days until I get to spend time with both of you!

(And now back to our usual daily deals!)