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Guidelines To Buy Essential Oils

How Essential Oils Emerged
It’s been a long time since the human race has known about the ways of using essential oils. In earlier days it was the only source to help people in the process of healing or curing diseases. The method was natural and effective, but as the time passed by the demand of these oils decreased. The position of these essential oils is now taken over by homeopathic and pathological medicines. These new products are easily available, easy to manufacture and far more effective. But in today’s world everyone gets a second chance and as a result, essential oils came back in action.


Variety Of Essential Oils Are Available
The contemporary world is fascinated with the use of these organic products. People now a days are attracted to these products as they are cheaper, natural ,easily available and equally effective as compared to any other pathological medicines. By now researchers have found over 3000 essential oils. Each one is unique and have specific functions. It is difficult choosing the best product for yourself out the wide range of product available.

So here are the tips and guidelines to help you buy the perfect product :-


1.) Know The Function
It is important to know why do you need the product. Each product has a specific function. If you are going to use the product just for fragrance or to make your home smell better than you can be casual about it. But you have to be cautious to buy a product for skin care, medicinal use etc. For example- You can use lavender oil for relaxation process or peppermint oil for mental stability.

spoon of dry lavender and aromatic lavender oil

2.)What Grade Of Oil Do You Need
By grade of the oil, we mean its purity. It is important to use a perfect grade of oil , using an oil of unknown grade is risky. Some of the oils in their purest state are corrosive and can result in irritation, rashes, burns etc. It’s recommended to use 100 percent pure therapeutic oil for kids, your family and even for your pet. Even for spas the essential therapeutic oils should be 100 percent pure.

These oils can be divided into 4 levels of grading.
a.) Grade A- Safe for internal uses as its pure and unadulterated.
b.) Grade B- Have some chemical additions. They are referred as natural food grade oils
c.) Grade C- The oils are extended and altered with added chemical and solvent. it is known as perfume grade.
d.) Floral Water- Low-quality product, mostly synthetic or oils identical to natural oils.


3.) Quality OF Oil
There is no such company yet to look after the quality of essential oils. But it’s recommended to always buy the product from a “reputed seller”. A reputable supplier always sells good and high-quality product. If you are buying it the first time than research, compare, consult and then only go for the product.


4.) Cost
It’s always important to look at the price factor. Pure essential oil is always expensive as a huge amount of raw product is required for its manufacturing.

5.) Bottle And Storing
The container should always be a dark colored (usually brown) glass bottle. Never buy an essential oil in transparent bottles, plastic or aluminum bottles etc. It’s possible the product is impure or is of bad quality. Plus make sure they are tightly sealed and stored in a cold , dark and dry area.


6.) Suppliers and Companies
Make sure to buy the product from the renowned supplier . Before going shopping research, evaluate and consult with others. Select the best brand or seller. A company with a good reputation always sell good quality and pure product.

Off Topic: A Little Bit of Me

Good morning, friends! We share a lot of deals from sites like Groupon on this blog, but it’s a very rare occasion I share anything about me.  (In case you’re wondering who “me” is, you can get the in-a-nutshell version here.)

Something you may not know about me is that, in addition to being a wife, mom, and blogger, I also am co-host of a Christian blogging conference held each October in Harrisburg, PA.  (Eek!  As I write this, we have just 15 days until this year’s event kicks off!)

Blogger Brooke McGlothlin is hosting a link-up for our conference attendees, asking everyone to blog about ten things their roommates for the Relevant weekend should know, and I’ve decided to briefly interrupt your daily deals to join in the fun!

So to Jessica and Sarah Mae, my two very wonderful conference co-hosts and Relevant roomies, here are ten things you should know about me.

1. My baby (six months old now) is still waking up twice a night.  This has made me incredibly and increasingly tired over the months. Feel free to drag me out of bed each morning if you must.

2. As a result of fact #1, when I do get the chance to sleep, I sleep like a rock. Please wake me up in the event of a hotel fire or other unlikely but emergency-related incident.

3. I miss my family so much when away from them, so know I’ll probably get weepy each time I call them- even though I’m having a blast with you and Relevant.

4. I like to sleep with obnoxious “rain on a tin roof” white-noise at night. I’ll try my best to sleep without it while with you, but no promises!

5. Like both of you, I like to stay up far too late.

6. I’m an introvert, so I need to use our room as a place to recharge away from the crowds.

7. I never pack light.

8. And I always pack too many shoes.

9. And too many lipsticks and lip glosses.

10. Not only am I counting down the days until Relevant, I am also counting down the days until I get to spend time with both of you!

(And now back to our usual daily deals!)

Midweek Groupon Deals: Spoonful of Comfort, Newsweek, Pish Posh Paints

Hey there, Groupon friends! Groupon has a bunch of national bargains to start your day. Click on the city’s link below to go straight to the deal. Since these are online deals, you don’t need to live in the listing city to take advantage of the offer.

Today’s newest doesn’t-matter-where-you-live deals

Get Your Deals is offering $70 worth of shoes for just $30. There’s a large selection of shoes including international designers, AND a pretty neat search engine to find exactly what you’re looking for!  Your search can include size, price range, and style as well as a keyword or characteristic (Fall, cute, fun, etc.).  As if this deal cannot get any sweeter, also has free UPS ground shipping! Macon
Purchase an 18-inch pearl necklace in a choice of eight colors from My Pacific Pearls ($450 value) for $79. Atlanta, Worcester
Find 100% recyclable sandals from Okabashi for $15.  Dishwasher safe and comes with 2 year warranty. Albany GA,Columbus GA
i declare! is offering $50 worth of jewelry for $25. Little Rock
Seuss Prints is offering one unframed 8.5″ x 10.5″ limited edition alphabet picture for $29 or a 9.5″ x 10.5″ for $49.  You can purchase multiple Groupons to complete a word or phrase and you can Preview alphabet artbefore you buy it.  Shipping is not included. Long Island
Dress your young  fellas in graphic tees, blazers, polos and more by Red21 Boys.  Pay $25 for $50 in clothing or $49 for $100, shipping included. Omaha
For just $69, you get a Diamond Elite Ultrasonic Toothbrush plus a UV sanitizing charger base, three replacement brush heads, and free shipping (a $228.95 value). Piedmont Triad
Tranzmobile (an authorized online agent for Verizon Wireless) is offering aDroid 3 phone and $25 worth of accessories for $25 or a Droid 3 phone and $100 worth of accessories for $99.  You must agree to a 2-year Verizon Wireless calling plan. Smartphones require data pack and there’s a $35 activation fee. Macon, Indianapolis
Convert your VHS to DVD and/or your photos to digital through Southtree.  Pay $25 for $75 purchase. Youngstown
Get a beer-making kit from Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies for $64. $12 shipping is not included. Evansville, San Angelo
For $19, receive a 500 ml bottle of Aceto Balsamico Di Modena and a 500 ml bottle of Three Olives olive oil from The Artisanal Kitchen.  There’s also an option for a gift basket.  Perfect gift for someone who likes to cook! Shipping is included. Central Jersey
Pay $10 for $20 worth of vinyl wall decals and shipping from Wall Stickz. Sioux Falls
Sticks handcrafted furniture, art and accessories is offering a few options.  Pay $50 for $100 worth of products, $125 for $250, $250 for $500 or $500 for $1000.  Shipping is not included but this Groupon can be used towards it. Dallas
Pay $11 for a one-year subscription toBlue Ridge Country Magazine. Asheville
Newsweek from Blue Dolphin Magazines is offering a one-year subscription for $10 or two-years for $20. Washington DC
Pay $40 for an enhanced portrait package  at jcpenney portraits The package includes: 6 single-image enhanced portrait sheets (10”x13” or smaller), 1 Be Squared portrait (10”x10” or smaller), 1 single-image CD, 40% off additional portrait purchases, waived sitting fees. Lakeland, Fort Myers
Get a large woven photo blanket from TreasureKnit for $49. Fleece photo blankets are just $40.  Shipping is not included. Augusta, Athens GA
From MetalPixs get an 11″x14″ metal-printed photograph with shipping for $49. Raleigh-Durham
Pay $29 for a custom-made photo clutch or $39 for a bucket bag at SnapTotes. Raleigh-Durham
Have your photos printed on aircraft-grade aluminum at Full Metal Photos.  There are 3 options:  get an 11”x14” metal-printed photograph for $38; a 16”x20” for $48; a 24″30″ for $88, shipping included with each option. Asheville
PishPoshPaints is offering custom oil paintings starting at $69. New York City
Mondrian Los Angeles – West Hollywood, California
One-Night Stay for Two Adults and Up to Two Kids in Studio King Room for $199. Combine Up to Two Nights
Groupon Getaways
Miramonte Resort & Spa – Indian Wells, California
One-Night Stay for Two Adults and Up to Two Kids in Luxury Room with Dining and Spa Credits for $119. Combine Up to Three Nights
Groupon Getaways
Opus Hotel Vancouver – Vancouver, British Columbia
One-Night Stay for Two in Superior Room or Two Adults and Up to Two Kids in Executive Suite from $167. Combine Up to Two Nights
Groupon Getaways
PGA National Resort & Spa – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
One-Night Stay for Two Adults and Up to Two Kids and $25 Spa Credit from $112. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel – Waimea, Hawaii
Four- or Seven-Night Stay in an Oceanfront Suite or Room for Two Adults and Up to Two Kids with Round of Golf or Luau for Two from $699.
Groupon Getaways
Reunion Resort – Orlando, Florida
Two-Night Stay for Up to Six in One- or Two-Bedroom Estate Suite from $298.
Groupon Getaways
Bel Air Collection XpuHa Riviera Maya– Riviera Maya, Mexico
Three-Night All-Inclusive Stay for Two Adults and Up to Two Young Kids in Deluxe Room for $449. Combine Multiple Nights
Groupon Getaways
Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa Los Cabos – San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Three-Night All-Inclusive Stay for Two in Loft King Room for $586. Combine Multiple Nights
Groupon Getaways
Cannon Beach Hotel Lodgings – Cannon Beach, Oregon
Two-Night Stay for Two Adults and Up to Two Kids in Grand, Premier, or Exclusive Room with Champagne Turndown Service from $145.
Groupon Getaways
Casa Del Toro Bed & Breakfast – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Two-Night Stay in One- or Two-Bedroom Suite with Daily Breakfast from $118. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
Casa Grande Suite Hotel & Spa – South Beach, Miami
One- or Two-Night Stay for Two Adults and Up to Two Children in One-Bedroom Suite from $59. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites University Area – Denton, Texas
One- or Two-Night Stay for Up to Four in King or Double-Queen Room and Dining Credit from $69. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
Lithia Springs Resort and Gardens – Ashland, Oregon
One-Night Cottage Stay for Two and Up to Two Kids or One-Night Cottage Stay for Two from $124. Combine Up to Two Nights
Groupon Getaways
Oyster Bay Beach Resort – Oyster Pond, St. Martin
Three-, Four-, or Five-Night Stay for Up to Four with Dining Credit from $279. Combine Up to 15 Nights
Groupon Getaways
Park Shore Resort – Naples, Florida
Two-Night Stay in a One- or Two-Bedroom Condo for Up to Four Adults and Up to Two Kids from $159. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
Red Wolf Lodge At Squaw Valley – Greater Lake Tahoe, California
Two-Night Stay for Two in Studio Unit, Resort Fee Included from $139. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
Sandpiper House Inn – Mendocino Coast, California
One-Night Stay for Two in Headlands, Clifton, or Woodland Rose Room with Snacks for $149. Combine Up to Three Nights
Groupon Getaways
Stowe Mountain Lodge – Stowe, Vermont
One-Night Stay for Two in a Timberline Studio Plus Breakfast and Champagne from $222. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
The Portly Grape – Long Island, New York
Two-Night Stay for Two for $239.
Groupon Getaways
Whistler Alpine Chalet Retreat & Wellness – Whistler, British Columbia
Two-Night Stay for Two Adults and One Kid and Daily Breakfast for Two from $349. Combine Up to Four Nights
Groupon Getaways
Pay just $299 for a Two-Night Cruise for 2 Guests with Celebration Cruise Line or $499 for Two-Night Cruise and Two-Night Stay in a Bahamas Resort for 2. Read the fine print carefully. Pittsburgh
Pay  $20, and choose $40 worth of cigars, cigar accessories, and merchandise from StogieBoys. Palm Beach, Fort Myers
Find something for everyone!  A photo calendar for your sister, personalized note cards for your mom and a monogrammed tote bag for your friend!  You can snag $70 worth of printed products from Vistaprint for $17, not including shipping.  And receive an additional 30% off all regularly priced items.  Must redeem online at  Not valid for CA, CT, IL, NC, NY, or non-US addresses. Cleveland, Erie
The Commonwealth Club is offering plenty of membership options starting at $37 San Jose, San Francisco

The usual doesn’t-matter-where-you-live deals (These are companies that appear quite often on Groupon. They aren’t new, but this is a good resource if you like to buy from these “old stand-by’s”.)

Get Your Deals
Get $50 worth of women’s shoes from Chinese Laundry’s for $24. Portland ME
For $15, purchase $30 in adorable aprons and kitchen gloves at Flirty Aprons.  They’ve got styles for everyone!  You must buy at least 1 apron to purchase gloves.  Your items will ship in 1 business day. Asheville
Get 5 Baby Genius DVDs and 5 bonus CDs for $25. Shipping is included. Columbus
Get an LED-activated teeth whitening system for at-home use for $39 ($299 value) from Elite Brights.  Shipping included. Richmond
OrigAudio is offering a self-designed portable vibration speaker system for $19. Shipping is not included. Raleigh-Durham
Choose $20 worth of hot electronics accessories from EverydaySource.comfor just $10. Toledo
Skullcandy is offering Icon 2 Grenade headphones (including shipping) inArmy/camo or Black/red for $15 or a pair of Agent headphones including shipping in Mixer or Roskopp for $34. Tallahassee
Pick $75 worth wines from Barclay’s Wine for $25.  Shipping is not included.  Limited to first-time Groupon Barclay’s customers. New Orleans
Pick $75 worth of wine from Wine Insiders for just $25. The Groupon can be used toward shipping and tax. Shipping is a penny if you order a full case. Bottles begin at $9.99.  Ships only to select states. St. Louis
Get a Chicken Soup Care Package (64 oz. mason jar of soup, rolls, cookies, spa socks, and more) from Spoonful of Comfort for $35 sent to them!  Shipping is included. Athens GA
Blockbuster Express is offering a great deal – get 5 One-Night DVD Rentals for just $2. Dayton
Find replacement screens and grilles atScreenItAgain at $125 for $250 in screens.  Extra fee for shipping.  Not valid in Hawaii, Alaska or Canada. Naples
Pick $50 worth of wall decals from Dali Decals for $20. Free shipping is not included on Groupon orders, though shipping rates start at $6.50 for orders of $50. Piedmont Triad
Sticks & Stones is offering a framed alphabet photograph for $65. Shipping is not included. Westchester
One-year subscription to Glamourmagazine for $6. Erie
Get 12 issues of Martha Stewart Livingand a one-year subscription toEveryday Food for $20.  These magazines include information about the foods that are in season,  great recipes with online access as well as tips for your house decor. Chattanooga
Snag a one-year subscription toZooBooks magazine for $15, poster & stickers. Shipping is included. Designed especially for the curious minds of 12 year olds and younger. Midland-Odessa
If you have old photos and slides that you want to preserve digitally, you may want to check out this offer from ScanDigital for $100 worth of memory preservation for $40. Indianapolis
For $35, you get $115 worth of custom-designed photo books from Photobook America. Cedar Rapids
For $29, will scan and digitally convert 1,000. photos for you. Return shipping is included. Harrisburg
Mixbook is offering $50 worth of photo books, cards, etc. for $15.  Shipping is not included. Augusta
Pay $39 for a photo print reproduced on a 16″x20″x1.5″ gallery-wrapped canvas from Picture It On Canvas. This Groupon includes shipping, handling, and tax. Palm Beach
Priced at $45, turn your photos into a 16″x20″ thick (1.5″) gallery-wrapped canvas from Canvas on Demand (a $126.95 value). Charlotte
Looking to make a statement in your designing?  Get a 4-foot-wide, 1-foot-tall panoramic wall mural for $35 fromLarger Than Life Prints, shipping  and tax included.  Choose from landscapes, cityscapes and more! Naples
A customized photo blanket fromPhotoWeavers. Tax and shipping is included in $64 price. Evansville

This post may contain an affiliate link. See my disclosure policy for more details.

Overcoming the Sins of Grouponers Past

Thanks for for image.

(Photo credit: )

Guest post from Ryan Adams

We Grouponers are a different breed. Savvy, eclectic, and eyes wide open for a good deal. And we have power. The power to reduce a restaurant bill to mere pennies.

So how do we act as good citizens of this power? Alas, a small minority of Grouponers are acting irresponsibly; they’re defacing our brand around town. Sometimes you can see the damage in small ways.

Last week GrouponGirl and I were dining over Groupon-powered date night at a local wine bistro. When we presented our paper print-out that night I sensed a hint of emotion from the server. I’ll take care of that. She attempted a smile, shoulders slouching slightly. Was our server disappointed?

I enjoyed my cabernet sauvignon and German sausage without giving it another thought. GrouponGirl sipped her water (no alcohol with the new baby on the way) and took a few bites into her artisan pizza as we discussed politics, the kids, and our next Groupon exploit. Dinner was wonderful, excellent service.

Are you ready for the check? We were. The server pulled it from her pouch, and gingerly placed it on the table. I reached for my AmEx and peaked at the total. Hmm…was the wine charged twice? I passed the bill to GrouponGirl. It wasn’t the wine, an 18% gratuity had been added. A strange policy to enact on a party of two. Having spent our college years on the other side of the table, we understood the meaning: restaurant staff had been previously burned by Grouponers tipping on discount, not the total.

I was annoyed. Not at the restaurant, but the unnamed Grouponers who forced their hand into mandatory gratuity. We added extra to the tip that night to compensate. It was probably not enough to change their policy, but perhaps our server would be less disappointed the next time she serves up a Groupon discount.

It was a good reminder, we are all responsible for our collective brand. We can be welcomed as early adopters, generous and enjoyed by our local establishments. Or, we can be endured as self-entitled cheapskates, a necessary evil of a modern promotional campaign. The way we Groupon affects how we’re perceived. It’s up to us. Let’s not let the misguided minority steal our reputation.

I’m curious, has your Groupon experience ever been tainted by the sins of Grouponers past?

EDIT 1: Interesting, Groupon has published Four Rules of Groupon Etiquette. Number 1 deals with restaurant tips.

Ryan’s Bio: My wife, GrouponGirl, scores the deals that improve our lifestyle and gives us interesting things to do together. Her work has shaped our family into valuing shared experiences over consumer products. We’d rather have a heart full of lasting memories then a garage packed with junk. She’s the daily deal pro, I’m just along for the ride.


Dana Adams does her best to share only legitimate offers. These offers are available, to the best of her knowledge, at the time of publication. She is not responsible for any damages that may be incurred by users of Groupon Girl. It should be known that Dana Adams is not a financial expert, and any financial opinions given are the sole opinion of the author and should be checked against other sources. Dana Adams gives no guarantee of the information shared.

Dana Adams and Groupon Girl are also in no way associates or representatives of Groupon, Inc. This site operates as its own entity and is not written or managed by Groupon.

Daily Deal Sites I Follow

One of my many daily deal bargains!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I took to the GroupBuyGirl Facebook page to ask how many daily deal sites you subscribe to. I shared that I subscribe to over 30, and some of you requested that I share my list with you.  (Once I counted them up, I actually subscribe to many more- over 50!)

I use daily deal sites to save on everything from date night dinners to Christmas gifts to my husband’s work clothes.  Subscribing to many daily deal sites gives me lots of options when I’m looking for a deal on a particular item (and it helps me stay up-to-date on the best deals to share with you!).

So below is a quick list of the deal sites that I receive emails from. I’ve put an asterisk (*) next to those that I’ve made several purchases from since subscribing.

GroupBuyGirl Deals (Yes, I subscribe to my own deal store… *blush*)

*Groupon (I subscribe to several cities.)

Google Daily Deals (Deals in select cities)

*Rue La La (Clothing, household items, gifts, and more)

Saveology (National deals. Often great gift card offers!)

Beyond the Rack (Discounts on designer brands for men, women, kids, and your home)

*ShoeBuy Events (Deep discounts on shoes and more!)

*Tippr (Local and national deals in several major U.S. cities)

MyHabit (Owner by so you know it’s reliable. Discounts on clothes and accessories for men, women, and kids.)

*SaveMore (Deals for online retailers, plus local deals in several cities.  $10 credit just for signing up!)

Bitsy Bug (Bargains for kids and babies)

*HomeSav (Little bit of everything for your home. $10 credit for signing up!)

Off & Away (Travel deals, can either bid on vacations or buy from private sales)

Snique Away (More travel deals)

Dealster (A combo of local, travel, and gadget deals)

Mini Social (Baby and kid deals)

Giggle Deals (Baby and kid deals, plus you can set up a gift registry)

DoodleDeals (Deals for kids and moms, both local and nationwide offers. A partner)

Fab (Daily deals on a bit of everything)

*Family Finds (Family focused. Nationwide online deals, along with local deals for LA and Chicago)

Sole Society (Deals on designer shoes)

*Heartsy (Handmade products from small businesses. $5 credit just for signing up)

8Moms (Online deals for parents, plus local deals in some major cities)

Juice in the City (Local deals in many major cities. $5 off your first deal purchase)

*Lot18 (Wine deals)

Kid Steals (Deals on stuff for kids)

Baby Steals (Deals on stuff for babies)

Prive (Men and women’s clothing)

DealPulp (Both deals on vouchers to online retailers as well as daily “flash” sales on specific products) (Online deals for Mom, plus local deals for North Jersey)

*Living Social (Local deals in several major cities, along with some national deals)

*No More Rack (8 deals a day)

BuyWithMe (Local deals in several major cities, along with some national deals)

Sweet Jack (Local deal in some major cities)

*Swirl (Sample sale site from DailyCandy)

Moolala (Deals in some cities, plus national offers. If you’re looking to make a little income, this site has a referral program that pays in cash.)

*Ideeli (Clothing for the whole family, household items, travel, and more)

*Zulily (Sales for moms and kids. I just got the cutest Halloween costume for my son from this site!)

OpenSky (Celebrity curated sales for home, health, style, and food)

*The Foundary (Up to 70% off home essentials)

*Mamasource (Sales for moms and kids)

*Eversave (A mix of local and national deals. $3 credit for signing up)

Jetsetter (Travel!)

*Plum District (Local deals in some major cities, along with “everywhere” deals)

*Totsy (Sales for moms and kids)

*Haute Look (Clothing, accessories, and more!)

Modnique ($5 credit just for signing up, higher-end sales)

*One Kings Lane (Home goods)

*Jasmere (Eco-friendly retailers and products)

Gilt (Clothing, accessories, and more)

CityDeals (Gift cards for restaurants, retail, entertainment, spas, and more at reduced prices)

Enviius (Clothing for women, men, and kids. Based in Canada and ships to both the US and Canada)

Plus, I subscribe to a couple of local deal sites too!

So please tell me, how many daily deal sites are you subscribed to?

This post may contain an affiliate link. See my disclosure policy for more details.

How Do You Groupon?

In addition to the daily doesn’t-matter-where-you-live deals, I also want to share how my family uses Groupon.  Because we use Groupon a lot.

Groupon is a fun website, because it allows us to try some “luxury” places without that feeling of buyer’s remorse that we get when we go and spend way too much on way too little.

This weekend’s Groupon purchase was no different- a definite luxury, but boy, was it good!

A few weeks ago, we bought a Groupon for a dozen cupcakes from a gourmetcupcake shop in Richmond, Virginia- a city that we visit once a month or so.  We walked into the shop and my sweet tooth started sing praises.  Clearly, I thought, this cupcake shop is far more skilled at all things cupcakes than I. My husband who doesn’t even really enjoy sweets, was at the counter with plenty of opinions on which cupcakes we should pick.

Here’s what we picked:

And they tasted as delicious as they look!

Regular price of a dozen cupcakes: $29
Groupon price: $14
Savings: $15

How have you used Groupon this week to save?

Disclosure: This post may contain an affiliate link. See my disclosure policyfor more details. Dana receives referral credits from Groupon that she often uses when purchasing Groupons.