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How Do You Groupon?

In addition to the daily doesn’t-matter-where-you-live deals, I also want to share how my family uses Groupon.  Because we use Groupon a lot.

Groupon is a fun website, because it allows us to try some “luxury” places without that feeling of buyer’s remorse that we get when we go and spend way too much on way too little.

This weekend’s Groupon purchase was no different- a definite luxury, but boy, was it good!

A few weeks ago, we bought a Groupon for a dozen cupcakes from a gourmet cupcake shop in Richmond, Virginia- a city that we visit once a month or so.  We walked into the shop and my sweet tooth started sing praises.  Clearly, I thought, this cupcake shop is far more skilled at all things cupcakes than I. My husband who doesn’t even really enjoy sweets, was at the counter with plenty of opinions on which cupcakes we should pick.

Here’s what we picked:

And they tasted as delicious as they look!

Regular price of a dozen cupcakes: $29
Groupon price: $14
Savings: $15

How have you used Groupon this week to save?

Disclosure: This post may contain an affiliate link. See my disclosure policy for more details. Dana receives referral credits from Groupon that she often uses when purchasing Groupons.

Off Topic: A Little Bit of Me


Good morning, friends! We share a lot of deals from sites like Groupon on this blog, but it’s a very rare occasion I share anything about me.  (In case you’re wondering who “me” is, you can get the in-a-nutshell version here.)

Something you may not know about me is that, in addition to being a wife, mom, and blogger, I also am co-host of a Christian blogging conference held each October in Harrisburg, PA.  (Eek!  As I write this, we have just 15 days until this year’s event kicks off!)

Blogger Brooke McGlothlin is hosting a link-up for our conference attendees, asking everyone to blog about ten things their roommates for the Relevant weekend should know, and I’ve decided to briefly interrupt your daily deals to join in the fun!

So to Jessica and Sarah Mae, my two very wonderful conference co-hosts and Relevant roomies, here are ten things you should know about me.

1. My baby (six months old now) is still waking up twice a night.  This has made me incredibly and increasingly tired over the months. Feel free to drag me out of bed each morning if you must.

2. As a result of fact #1, when I do get the chance to sleep, I sleep like a rock. Please wake me up in the event of a hotel fire or other unlikely but emergency-related incident.

3. I miss my family so much when away from them, so know I’ll probably get weepy each time I call them– even though I’m having a blast with you and Relevant.

4. I like to sleep with obnoxious “rain on a tin roof” white-noise at night. I’ll try my best to sleep without it while with you, but no promises!

5. Like both of you, I like to stay up far too late.

6. I’m an introvert, so I need to use our room as a place to recharge away from the crowds.

7. I never pack light.

8. And I always pack too many shoes.

9. And too many lipsticks, lip glosses and my favorite vitamin C Serums.

10. Not only am I counting down the days until Relevant, I am also counting down the days until I get to spend time with both of you!

(And now back to our usual daily deals!)

Overcoming the Sins of Grouponers Past

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Guest post from Ryan Adams

We Grouponers are a different breed. Savvy, eclectic, and eyes wide open for a good deal. And we have power. The power to reduce a restaurant bill to mere pennies.

So how do we act as good citizens of this power? Alas, a small minority of Grouponers are acting irresponsibly; they’re defacing our brand around town. Sometimes you can see the damage in small ways.

Last week GrouponGirl and I were dining over Groupon-powered date night at a local wine bistro. When we presented our paper print-out that night I sensed a hint of emotion from the server. I’ll take care of that. She attempted a smile, shoulders slouching slightly. Was our server disappointed?

I enjoyed my cabernet sauvignon and German sausage without giving it another thought. GrouponGirl sipped her water (no alcohol with the new baby on the way) and took a few bites into her artisan pizza as we discussed politics, the kids, and our next Groupon exploit. Dinner was wonderful, excellent service.

Are you ready for the check? We were. The server pulled it from her pouch, and gingerly placed it on the table. I reached for my AmEx and peaked at the total. Hmm…was the wine charged twice? I passed the bill to GrouponGirl. It wasn’t the wine, an 18% gratuity had been added. A strange policy to enact on a party of two. Having spent our college years on the other side of the table, we understood the meaning: restaurant staff had been previously burned by Grouponers tipping on discount, not the total.

I was annoyed. Not at the restaurant, but the unnamed Grouponers who forced their hand into mandatory gratuity. We added extra to the tip that night to compensate. It was probably not enough to change their policy, but perhaps our server would be less disappointed the next time she serves up a Groupon discount.

It was a good reminder, we are all responsible for our collective brand. We can be welcomed as early adopters, generous and enjoyed by our local establishments. Or, we can be endured as self-entitled cheapskates, a necessary evil of a modern promotional campaign. The way we Groupon affects how we’re perceived. It’s up to us. Let’s not let the misguided minority steal our reputation.

I’m curious, has your Groupon experience ever been tainted by the sins of Grouponers past?

EDIT 1: Interesting, Groupon has published Four Rules of Groupon Etiquette. Number 1 deals with restaurant tips.

Ryan’s Bio: My wife, GrouponGirl, scores the deals that improve our lifestyle and gives us interesting things to do together. Her work has shaped our family into valuing shared experiences over consumer products. We’d rather have a heart full of lasting memories then a garage packed with junk. She’s the daily deal pro, I’m just along for the ride.